Saturday, February 28, 2009

Freedom of Speech


Above: This Saturday afternoon while three local Pastors preached for an hour on the lawn of our County Courthouse, there were about 14 of us holding signs and lining Main Street just a few steps away.

Below: All the family joined in.

Bottom: This is one end of our line. It extends up to the real estate office past the lights at the intersection. The folks that passed by were so kind and supportive. Many waved or gave a thumbs up - we even got a "God bless you!". Only a few turned their heads away. None were rude.

So why street preaching? 

1. The Word of God is always fruitful, whether we see the results or not. 

2. It can provide a point of discussion for those that see us. This could be a discussion with us, other vehicle occupants, or friends and family.

3. It can stir folks to think about their lives and whether they are ready for eternity or not. 

4. It can encourage other Christians to live boldly for the Lord. 

5. And it is obeying the Lord to take the Gospel to the lost. 

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