Thursday, September 3, 2009

President Obama

So that there is no misunderstanding, I want to start by saying that this is not a political posting - it is about teaching character to our children. Our President is going to address the school children of America at noon (EDT) on September 8, 2009.  Some adults take exception to that - I have seen words such as "Hitler" and "brainwash" crop up fairly regularly on some sites. I have seen some noted leaders addressing our President as Mr. Obama, and the jab is not lost - especially since it was repeated often in that particular national publication. Just in case you didn't know - the correct terms to refer to the President of the United States are Mr. President or President Obama. (And the English teacher in me can't resist pointing out that while the word "president" isn't routinely capitalized when used alone - it is always capitalized when referring to the President of the United Sates of America. )

That is the end of my prefaced remarks - now on to what I want to write about....

There is a lie that is bandied about as if it is Truth; a catch-phrase of sorts that says; "I will respect the office, but not the person holding that office." It is a lie from the pit of Hell because it isn't possible to do this. The person is the office and the office is the person - that fine line does not exist in reality, only in the fantasy world of semantics. Can a child respect the role of parent, but disrespect the person who is their parent? Can one respect the office of pastor, but disrespect the person preaching the Sunday (or Sabbath) sermons? If the enemy can get us to disrespect the person, he knows that rebellion can germinate and grow. 

I am not talking about blindly following a leader who rejects God and godly principles - and I am not talking about reproving sin. John the Baptist reproved Herod of his adultery, but he never disrespected him. In 2 Samuel 16 Shimei curses King David - but in chapter 19 he repents and admits to his grievous sin. The Messiah, Jesus, was rejected and despised by Israel and within one generation the city of Jerusalem was destroyed. 

If in our homes our children hear us speak with loathing and disrespect about the man elected to the highest office in our land (and the Scriptures teach that he can only be elected because God allows it) then we are sowing seeds of rebellion and disrespect into our homes. Instead Scripture teaches that God wants families to bow down in prayer for their elected leaders. To cry tears of grief over their wrong doings. To take actions to let their leaders hear what God says on a matter.  To train our children to pray for godly character qualities in our elected officials. And to teach the Holy Bible in our homes so that our children can clearly see the lie from the Truth. 

Parents will reap what they sow into their children. (Galations 6:7)