Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ambassadors' Academy

During the last weekend of August, #2 son was able to attend The Ambassadors' Academy in Los Angeles. This training is done through Ray Comfort's ministry called Living Waters.


1. Open air preaching at street corners.

2. Witnessing one-on-one, although in this case the several young people would flock around #2 son and talk with him.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The October Challenge

In an effort to pay off a few bills that have crept into our life - we are going to abstain from buying groceries during October (actually starting from now!) We will get the few things of necessity - like TP, fresh produce, and butter - that I can't otherwise obtain - but that is all. The goal is to keep spending under $150 for the month for groceries and supplies.

* I have all the grains and beans I need and a freezer full of meat.

* I am putting a stash of rags out where they are handy instead of paper towels.

* When the boxed cereal runs out - we use the bucket of rolled oats and homemade granola.

* Bread will be homemade - I have buckets of wheat berries ready to grind up.

* All snacks will be homemade - including the pudding.

* I have a stash of canned goods that just need a creative touch.

I will post an update or two as we go along - and then a final report at the end of October. Maybe we can make this a habit! Feel free to add helpful hints of ways you have economized.

As an extra (and because it is the only photo I could grab without assistance!) here is Fluffy, the Princess's kitty.


Wedding Pictures

1.Anna and Josh married.
2.First kiss - ever.
3.Keller parents and Duggar parents bless the newlyweds. I love that Anna is holding her mom's hand.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beginnings - Poured Out and a Wedding

I have been blessed by others many times this weekend. There are many people who have poured themselves into my life, not because I deserved special treatment, but because they love the Lord and obeyed his calling on their lives to reach out to others. Most do not even know how they have blessed me, or met needs only the Lord and I knew about.

Here are a couple:
* Mrs. C. at church just offered Dd (Princess) and I a box of Wilton cake decorating pans and supplies. This is something Princess has long aspired to do. We have completed level 1 (with the bare necessities) and are planning to do level 2 soon. This gift is a treasure that we could never afford to buy for ourselves, but more than that, it is an honor to be entrusted to receive these jewels.

* Mr. S. at church saved up two huge bags of aluminum cans for son #3. In fact several of our friends do this for him. #3 uses the cans to help buy gas for Penny Pingleton (the giant, 25 yo van he drives.) The financial help is great - but more than that it is an investment of encouragement and care into a young man's life.

* ...and then there is "The Wedding".
After losing track of a high school/college friend for 30 some years, I was welcomed as a sister back into her family's life. I have always admired Suzette's humility and meekness, as well as her unfailing love to follow the Lord. But don't be fooled into thinking she is weak; she is strong and faithful in even the smallest things.

Her 20 yo daughter, Anna, just got married this weekend to Josh Duggar. http://www.ja20.com/home.html Every adult member of the Keller and Duggar families (and many of the children) went out of their way to greet each guest personally and thank them for coming to share in the joy of this wedding. But I want to especially note the example of Michelle Duggar that was poured into my life late that Friday evening as the bride and groom whooshed out of the church parking lot in a tin-can-trailing vehicle. Michelle is 6 months pregnant, tired, and just experienced the first of her children getting married. Yet, she never rushed anyone away that wanted to talk with her. She also patiently dealt with her children's needs while talking with guests.

But what I will always see when I think of that night is Michelle's tears as I sought to encourage her by saying that we pray for her and her family - especially that they will remain standing strong and faithful to the ministry they have been given. I felt so small and humbled that my paltry efforts were so appreciated. When someone tells me they are praying for me - how do I react? I can honestly say that never was I moved to tears of appreciation.

Oh, for a softer heart to hear God.