Monday, April 4, 2011

Hallelujah Acres Diet

Dh and I have almost done it - we are hovering close to the brink of veganism! H-Acres has a free program for 60 days of weight loss, and one for optimal health (and one coming soon for exercise.) There is no spiritual or moral message from me here - we are just tired of being sick and tired. I have studied healthy cooking for a number of years, and that path has slowly led us to less and less animal products. I do still have some beef from the half steer we bought from a known source last year, and I would have dairy goats again in a second if possible, but for the most part we are sticking to veganism and as much raw food as possible - and we are liking it!

Our first motivation to take this step is Dh's high cholesterol. Cholesterol only comes from animal products, so it makes sense to remove these from our diet for at least the next several months (He was not going to make this dietary change on his own.) And I need to loose weight. While I had seen some (tiny) past progress, I was stuck for a month or so at the same weight, and I still felt sluggish and tired a lot.

We are now on Day 36 or the 60 days and feeling great. I am sleeping better, have a lot more energy, and am losing weight. Granted we aren't perfect in keeping to the diet - but then they do say that we need to fit the diet to us - not be a slave to the diet. We will see in June when Dh has his cholesterol rechecked how we are really doing.

Even if you don't use the full program - if you click on the title above it will take you to the HA site and they have scads of great, healthy recipes. Even just adding in a few of these changes is beneficial. The green smoothies are fantastic and so good for you.