Saturday, February 21, 2009

Knitted Baby Blanket

I am finally nearing the end of my first "big" knitting project. I began knitting when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I can remember my dad teaching me to knit on some pretty pink, plastic knitting needles. My mom has been a knitter (though never a sewer) from when she was young  (and makes beautiful projects), but since I am left handed she could not quite make knitting understandable to me. My dad figured out how to translate it all into "lefthand".
At first I would just knit rectangles which were then fashioned into doll clothes - mostly Barbie, but some baby dolls too. Then over the years I have done simple hats, scarfs, and slippers. I recently started knitting more in the last four or five years. I have done many (many) of those simple dishcloths, both for gifts, and to use in our home. About a year ago I decided I wanted to take a step beyond simple projects, but I also wanted to be sure that they were projects I would  actually finish! I found this free pattern on-line. The picture  above is my work to date, and the pattern link is here.  (The bottom corner isn't quite square as I haven't blocked it yet.)
This baby blanket is actually based on the dishcloth pattern, but is a much bigger project. I felt this was the perfect challenge to prove my staying power and get something large completed. I am almost done! I actually don't have a specific use for it right now, but I will put it in the cedar chest for a future grandchild. Then on to the next project. I am planning to do this one next as  one of my SWAP entries - we will see.

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