Saturday, February 21, 2009

Adventures in Tree Trimming

Ignoring the dirty front door (note to self: must wash this!) - here is the last we hope to see of these gadgets! They have been a part of Dh's life since Saturday, December 27th. I don't want to be a tattle-tale, but think "chain saw", "big tree limb", "step ladder", and I think it will all become more clear. We praise God that it was not more serious, but a fractured rib and tibia are good reminders that tree trimming is best left to the professionals - or at least be sure you know what you are doing!

Skills learned:

*How to call for an ambulance and give good directions.

*How to spend 6 weeks in a recliner, walk on crutches, and bathe with just a sink.

*How to pry Dad out of a recliner while listening to yelps of pain.


*Two cords of good oak firewood. (courtesy of #2 son and a huge, now-on-the-ground, tree limb)

*Dh is banned from chain saw use.

*Lots of praise for a merciful God.


Kathy - mom of many said...

The good news is that at least the chain saw didn't cut him on the fall.
Glad he's healing.

fourkid said...

Definitely!! Dh said he could tell he was going down and had the presence of mind to throw the chain saw away form him. But he landed on top of the branch on his ribs - it could ahve been his neck or spine! The Lord was merciful! He can now walk up our stairs and short distances. It is slowly coming along :)