Friday, February 13, 2009

Achieving True Success

This is one of the main books I use for practical, daily character training. There are 49 character traits listed. Each is defined - and it's opposite trait noted. When there is a negative trait I am seeing in a child (or myself!), I look for that negative trait listed in the book in order to train, pray for,  and notice the opposite positive trait that needs to be developed and instilled in the individual. The book also notes practical ways to show this trait in the home. And my favorite part of the book - the 5 "I Wills" that are always included with each trait. I write the "I Wills" on posters to hang on the wall, we say them out loud to memorize them, we try to spot them as we go about our day, and we rejoice to see one of those "I Wills" in use. The "I Wills" give us a handle on what to aim for and spot in others. Praising a child for a character trait is affirming and character building. One place to find it is here.


Teresa in WV said...

I couldn't find this resource on the IBLP site and was sooo sad. Today, I found it at Amazon via WAHOO!!! It will be on its way to me SOON! Thanks for the recommendation.

fourkid said...

I should have included a link to better help you find it. No, it isn't purchased through I am so glad you were resourceful and found a copy! You can find it regularly at the Character First! website. I will also edit it and link it in the original blog entry.