Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Book: How To Resolve 7 Deadly Stresses

Is. 58:8 ...thine health shall spring forth speedily...

I am currently reading a book on 7 deadly stresses and the root issues of health care. 

Anger - Cardiovascular System
Guilt - Nervous System
Lust - Endocrine System
Bitterness - Digestive System
Greed - Immune System
Fear - Respiratory System
Envy - Musculoskeletal System

And the 5 Causes of all diseases.

What we think.

What we say .

What we do .

What we eat.

What we inherit.

"Simply taking a drug to treat a symptom is saying, 'It does not matter what you think, say, do, eat, or inherit;  just take this pill, and you will feel better.' The result is often a side effect that requires another drug." (p. 14)

Also see this website for additional information.

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