Thursday, June 4, 2009

Vacation - Rock City and The Hermitage

We just returned from a week long vacation.  The focus was four days of a homeschool convention - but we wrapped the front and back ends of the trip with stops at some fun places. At the front end we visited Rock City. Yes, we were drawn by all the roadside ads on barns and birdhouses! We enjoyed it very much. The above picture is just one of the spectacular sites. What we didn't quite understand was the picture below:

Why the need to pipe in distracting music? While it was nice music, the kids were the first ones to ask why it was needed when the birds, bugs, and water were all so wonderful and noisy on their own. The music only competed with the beauty of the natural that surrounded us. 

On the back end of our trip we visited the Hermitage (Pres. Andrew Jackson's home.) When asked what their favorite parts of that site were - we all had some variation of the beauty of the grounds. I loved the walk out through the far fields. There was a brook along the way and beautuiful wildflowers, trees, and fields. Dh liked the formal garden best - just now in spectaular bloom with lots of magnolias and roses just to name a few of the magnificant flowers. No piped in music here - just lots of robins, squirrels, noisy bugs and babbling brook. It was wonderful and so peaceful.

God does the job of creation best - and it is best when left to him. Our messes are only the noise of piped in music.

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