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Home School through High School - Part 3

(I recently wrote a series of postings to a closed list on how our family manages high school using the ATI curriculum. Since most of that information is general to all home schooling, I am adapting and posting the information here on my public blog.)

Each of the following courses are listed on one sheet of paper and then filed in my one master notebook under the main headings I noted in Part 2 of my post. At the beginning of 9th grade these started as pretty much blank pages with ideas just sketched in. As the years progressed they were adjusted, changed, or added to as needed. (Remember I only update the notebook once or twice a year, so I don't spend a lot of time doing this once it is set up.) Now entering the 12th grade the pages are pretty well set for the most part - but some tweaking will still be done as we go. At graduation these pages will be the "proof" on which I hang the final one page transcript. These are just the barest of notes of what we have done. The "guts" of the courses are all kept elsewhere. Those would be the actual Wisdom Books, workbooks, text books, papers and such that are/were done. 

Note: You will see a line often repeated: WB #1 - ? This means that the Wisdom Book is a significant part of this credit. We started at WB 1 and I will write the final number of wherever we get to at the end (there are a total of 54, but we will probably only get to the 30's). I do not feel a need to make detailed notes on the content in the WB - if proof is ever needed, we have the WB's to show.
The course sheets are:
 Math -3 credits
(this one is a bit tricky for us - I will see how it ends up after this year (09/10) is finished. She was behind in math at the end of grade 8 - a tough subject for her to tackle, but she finally broke through the blockage about 9th grade when we changed to Math-U-See. So her first two years were spent catching up - which she did beautifully, but what to do about those two years of high school while she was catching up? Here is how I am categorizing it for now...)
*On the single page listed as General Math - 1 credit
This includes catching up in 4 levels of Math-U-See, and the Key To series of general math workbooks and Level 6 Complete curriculum book, math portion. I will also list WB's #1-? here since there are many practical math concepts learned in the WB's. 
*On the single page listed as Pre-Algebra - 1 credit
(finish Math-U-See book)
*On the single page listed as Algebra 1 - 1 credit
(finish the Math-U-See book) 
She really should have another math level - but we will see how it works out. This may just have to be where we stop for high school and deal with it from there - if all the rest of her studies are ready to be done, I won't hold her back from graduating just to do more math that won't really be needed for her field of study.
English - 4 credits
Note: We don't do one level of English and then go on to another. All of the 4 English credits are worked on simultaneously, or in units, over the full 4 years of high school. I have just grouped them into yearly levels for the sake of convenience. (Speech would also fit under one of these credits, but this is not something that ever came about for us.)
*On the single page listed as English 1 - 1 credit
1. WBLA - Level Red books 1-8 
2. Spenserian Handwriting program - (5 or 6 books done with dip pens.)
3. Level 6 Complete curriculum book, English portion
4. Character Sketches Crossword Puzzle books, volumes 1 & 2
5. finish all spelling books not yet done
6. complete all vocab workbooks
*On the single page listed as English 2 - 1 credit
1. WBLA Level Green 5-8
2. ACT test prep book with 10 practice tests (very extensive work)
*On the single page listed as English 3 - 1 credit
Literature (some books need to still be logged on. Pretty much she just read these and we talk about them from time to time.These are pretty much student chosen)
Pride and Prejudice (video 2 hrs.)
Sense and Sensibility (audio book and DVD)
selections for the Aneid by Virgil
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
Robinson Crusoe
Moby Dick
A Tale of Two Cities
*On the single page listed as English 4 - 1 credit
1. Poetry Unit
2. Short Story Unit

3. Play Unit - She was in a small play in the local youth theatre. (I plan to use that experience here rather than as a speech activity. We also viewed the DVD's of various plays and musical plays. I will list them on her paper later. There is some overlap here with Fine Arts - but I will divide it out - though it is also acceptable to count these experiences in both.)

4. Research Paper

(note: it is possible she will do a dual enrollment credit for Eng. Comp - so we will adjust accordingly.)

Science - 3 1/2 credits
*On the single page listed as Creation Science (1/2 credit with lab)
Video: Evolution:Fact or Fiction from SM Davis
volunteer at the Creation Expeditions lab (about an hr/week - at least 40 hours)
Peace River fossil trip (8 hrs.)
The Answer Book
Men of Science
The Young Earth book
Wisdom Books #1-?
*On the single page listed as Chemistry (1/2 credit with lab)
1. Read Exploring the World of Chemistry by Tiner
2. Eyewitness book on chemistry
3. use of chemistry set
4. WB's #1-?
*On the single page listed as Physical Science (1/2 credit)
1. WB's #1-?
2. Read BJ Physical Science book (we do this as we do our WB, but probably won't do the entire book.)
*On the single page listed as Earth Science (1 credit)
1. WB's #1-?
2. Read the BJ Earth Science book (we do this as we do the WB)
3. Read The Astronomy book by Henry (probably also the Weather book as well.)
*On the single page listed as Biology (1 credit)
1. Wb's #1-?
2. (This item was deleted as the book was loaned out and never returned - on to something else....)
3. Complete the Horse Anatomy coloring book
4. Visit the Chattanooga Aquarium (4 hrs.)
5. Visit Sea World, Orlando. We had a pass for a year and went 5 or 6 times. (about 30 hrs.)
6. Biology for Christian Schools, BJ. We just read this as we do the Wb's.
7. Read Character Sketches books volumes 1, 2, &3. This is also done during WB time for us.

8. MOSI museum in Tampa, The Body Works Exhibit. (4 hrs.)

(note: it is possible she will do a dual enrollment credit for Earth Science - so we will adjust accordingly.)


*On the single page listed as Health - 1/2 credit
1. WB's #1-?
2. Driver's License drug course
3. Read the following:
Fasting Can Save You Life
Your Body's Many Cries for Water
Nutrition Made Simple
*On the single page listed as PE - 1 credit
Membership at Curves for one year
horseback riding lessons weekly for 2 years
weekly bowling for one year
swimming seasonally in our pool
Fine Arts - 2 credits (but may go to 3)
Right now I have all the music experiences listed on just one page - I have not yet broken it down into credit groupings. This is my daughter's focus and there is a lot here. I originally had a page for a music credit and a page for an art credit. We never did do much art, and I just tossed that page out last week, it wasn't even worth 1/4 of a credit. But the music page just keeps filling up. This isn't final - but I am currently thinking that I will make one page for a piano credit, and one page for a flute credit, and maybe one page for a band/orchestra credit. So that would be 3 credits for Fine Arts. With all the hours over the past 4 years it is certainly valid to do it that way. 
I won't list all the individual experiences, but there are piano and flute lessons for 4 years. Plays and concerts attended. Two years of a community band. Sound Foundations. And Hymnology and Hymn Worksheets as studied in the Wisdom Books #1 -?  
History - 3 1/2 credits
*On the single page listed as US History (1 credit)
1. Wisdom Books #1-?
2. Books and events as noted in #3-9 
3. Seminar with former Tuskegee Airman (2 hrs.)
4.Seminar with Bataan March survivor (2hrs)
5. DVD (2 hrs) Freedoms Song, 100 years of black history
6. Visit Agrirama, Tifton, GA (5 hrs.)
7. Chickamauga Battlefield, GA (4 hrs.)
8. Video - Panama Canal (2 hrs.)
9. Visit The Hermitage, Nashville, TN (3 hrs.)
Read (in progress) A Greater Republic, A New History of the US, published 1899.
(Possibly list some chpts. from the BJ American History book.)
*On the single page listed as Geography (1/2 credit)
1. Read: Don't Know Much About Geography (done)
2. Wisdom Books #1-?
3. map work
4. Visit Rock City, Chattanooga, TN (3 hrs.)
(I think there is more for this - but I will have to hunt it down.)
*On the single page listed as World History (1 credit)
1. Wisdom Books #1 -? 
2. DVD - The Rise and Fall of Islamic Spain (3 hrs.)
3. Read The Hiding Place

4. DVD - The Longest Day (3 hrs.)

5. The Story of the World by Susan Bauer (4 volumes.)

(There is a bit more for here too, but I will need to add it later.)
*On the single page listed as Economics (1/2 credit)
1. Read Whatever Happened to Penny Candy (and workbook)
2. WB's #1-?
3. Crown Financial Course (8 hrs.)
4. Financial Freedom Seminar (20 hrs.)
*On the single page listed as Government (1/2 credit)
1. Read Whatever Happened to Justice
2. WB's #1-?
3. Read The US Constitution
4. DVD: A More Perfect Union; America Becomes a Nation
5. DVD: US Constitution Study Series 
Bible - 2 credits
*On the single page listed as Bible 1
1. Viewing SM Davis videos and Dvd's. I am not going to try to list them all here - we have done well over 30 of them. If I ever needed a list, they are on my shelf.
2. Way of the Master videos Beginner and Intermediate levels. (we have not yet finished these, but will be in the next year.
3. Rd. - The Good Shepherd and His Sheep by Phillip Keller (done)
4. Rd. Mary Jones and her bible by Mary Ropes (done)
5. WB #1 - ? Scripture Meditation Worksheets.
*On the single page listed as Bible 2
1. Camp Meeting, Valdosta, Ga (abut 30 hours - done)
2. Beth Moore Bible studies: Daniel, Jesus the One and Only, Esther, ? (two done, one in progress, and one more will probably be added this year.)
3. Visit the Ink and Blood exhibit in St. Petersburg, FL (a history of our Bible)
*On the single page listed as Computer - 1 credit
I don't actually have anything listed on this page as yet - but she does so much on the computer that I will make a list of the skills she has learned and call this a credit. It isn't something that we set out to do, it is just life and the things she has learned on the computer over the last 4 years. She especially likes to do art work on the computer, so that I will just list programs she uses as a one portion of this credit.
*On the single page listed as Life Management - 1 credit
On this page I list all the conferences and such she has done. I may move these to other subjects, but right now my husband likes this as a separate course listing. On this page I list the Home school Conferences we went to and what my daughter participate in while there. I list the Basic Seminar. The Passion for Jesus Seminar. WorldView Weekend. The 10 part Courtship Series from SM Davis. I expect a few more entries by the time of graduation.
Italian - 2 credits
*On the single page listed as Rosetta Stone Italian level 1
*On the single page listed as Rosetta Stone Italian level 2
Home Ec. - 2 credits
*On the single page listed as Home Ec. 1
 Home Ec course from Christian Light (1 credit)
*On the single page listed as Home Ec. 2
1. Wholesome Food Preparation course form IBLP
2. Unit study on spinning and textiles
3. crocheted an afghan
4. make a quilt
There may be some errors - if you have a question feel free to ask. I had to type this over the space of several days, and had one section I failed to save and had to re-do it, so it is possible I have a gap or two - or a repeat. Remember - this isn't for someone else to copy - even in our own family each of my children's high school studies and credits looked different. I just know it helps me generate some creativity for my own use when I see ideas from others. 

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