Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Home School through High School - Part 2

(I recently wrote a series of postings to a closed list on how our family manages high school using the ATI curriculum. Since most of that information is general to all home schooling, I am adapting and posting the information here on my public blog.)

Using a 3-ring binder - I start with a Master Framework Page from the shf-l book. (see Friday, January 2, 2009 entry) On this one Master Framework Page, I list the categories of subjects and the credits earned (or anticipated to be earned.) This is adjusted about twice a year. 

As of now I have listed:
Math -3
English - 4
Science - 3 1/2
Health - 1/2
PE - 1
Fine Arts - 2 (but may go to 3)
History - 3 1/2
Bible - 2
Computer - 1
Life Management - 1
Italian - 2
Home Ec. - 2
Total (if I added correctly) - 25 1/2 credits
I define a credit hour as 150 hours of work, but I use mostly content focus, not counting actual hours. Actually by doing content credit, most of these courses are well over 150 hours of work. 
In FL a student needs 24 credits to graduate. I went to the FL DOE website and used their basic titles for the credits. Some of these that I listed above will be broken down into different course titles. For example, the history category will become Am. History, World History, Government, and so on. For now, on this Master Framework Page, I just keep them in generalized categories. 
After this one page of my Master Framework, I have dividers for each category. Under each category, I have one page for each subject that is in that category. This is my master list of each course name and the main content that fills that course. This is where the personalization comes in. We do not do one course all the way through in a semester or a year - they are pretty much all spread out over the 4 (or more) years we do high school. 
I will write a third part that has the course information under each main category.

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