Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trailer Restoration - The Beginning

Sad, isn't it? About 14 years ago we traveled all over the East coast and in Florida in this trailer and had wonderful family vacations using it. Then we got bogged down with our farm and no vacation money to be had - and the poor trailer sat and sat. We were approached by an individual we had known for a few years who was now in desperate need of a home - and we felt that now the Lord had a new use for this dormant trailer - so we sold it on payments. This is where it gets murky - and I need to be careful - but the gist of the story is the individual defaulted and we didn't see the trailer again for years and years - I would have to look it up, but it has been at least 6 years. We had no idea where the trailer or the individual was, and so the situation sat in limbo. I must confess to occasional fretting over it, but my Dh was not concerned and was in favor of just letting it be.

Fast forward all these years and suddenly there is our trailer (and yes, it is still ours as we have held the title all these years and only a small portion of the sale price was ever paid.) It was sitting on property adjacent to some undeveloped land we own in another part of our county!!! From what we have been told, it was resold (without proper documentation) and moved to this spot sometime in the recent past. We repossessed it with the aide of #3 son's mighty van and some borrowed trailer tires.

And now the challenge begins........
The goal is to restore it to a family vacation trailer once again. We now have the time and means to travel a bit and we want to use it to attend some functions this summer. All fabric items are being tossed - and my challenge is to make all the curtains and cushions. We will also toss the carpet and put in all vinyl flooring. Those are the easy parts! I will update the progress now and then.

On another topic - the Hoodie.
I had hoped to have it done by today - but my goals always seem to exceed my abilities. I did finish two other significant sewing projects I had planned to do as well (a Christmas present and a pile of mending) - and the hoodie has progressed nicely, just not done yet. The pattern is traced. I basted together the mock-up cut from an old sheet and fitted it to the Princess, and then took the mock-up apart again. Now I just need to transfer the adjustments to the traced pattern and then cut the actual fabric. Sewing it up should go fairly quickly, but I am not putting a date on when as Thanksgiving is almost upon us and my sewing time will be fragmented for the next several days.

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