Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More T-Shirt Dresses

These are dresses #3 and #4 (#2 was given a new home before a photo was taken.) I won't post every dress I make - I just wanted you to see a variety of ways this idea can be used. For these dresses I just did straight sides - not even a hint of an A-line. It just fits the fabric better to do straight sides. As long as the gathering is at least 2x the circumference of the bottom of the T-shirt, it has plenty of room to run and play. The bottom of the shirts were both about 15 inches across the front. I doubled that to get the circumference (30") and then made sure that each dress had at least 60" of fabric to gather up along the waist. I don't get too exact - it depends on the fabric I have available. I want to do one up that is 2 and 1/2x the circumference and see how that looks - I just didn't have enough fabric this time to try that.

The red, white, and blue version was a red T-shirt and I had the blue remnant on hand. It is just about one yard of fabric. I added a red bow and a white heart button I had on hand for an embellishment. That may not last too long - but it is cute and adds a bit of extra that makes it look less "used".

The green T-shirt came with the palm tree embellishment on there already. I had some pieces of a fabric from a mother/daughter dress that the Princess and I wore for last Mother's Day. I did not have one remnant piece big enough for the whole skirt - so I pieced it. There is a front and back panel that are the same width, and then two side panels that are the same width as each other, but slightly narrower than the front and back panels. They don't actually line up on the side seams, but wrap around a bit to the front and back. As long as they are even it looks intentional and okay. The greens in the T-shirt and the froggie fabric are exact matches - It looks like I planned it that way. While I didn't know it would work out so well - I know the Lord did, even last year as the original mother/daughter dresses were made!

The #2 dress not pictured was a brown T-shirt that I used striped fabric to make the skirt. It was a white base with brown, orange, and a few other colors arranged vertically. Because it was a bit see-through, and I have no guarantee that it will be used with a slip for modesty, I lined the skirt in that version - very easy to do. I then used a hand sewn yo-yo of the striped fabric with an orange button sewn in the middle of it as an embellishment and then attached at the waist.

These dresses are for some little girls in my church. Won't it be fun to see them wear them? Since I have it figured out so that each one takes only about an hour to make from start to finish, I plan to make several more. They are very relaxing to do in between larger projects. I am so grateful that others before me wrote in other blogs how to do this.

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Anonymous said...

How sweet. I'm wondering if this would work for my big girls and I. Have you made any for yourself? Is "the princess" your only girl, or just the baby? We have Sweetpea, Doodlebug, Princess (sometimes the Tyrant Queen to her siblings), and Pie (short for sweetypie)... I like your blog. I'll try to check on you often!