Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Princess in Concert

The Princess had her first band concert with a local community band. She is playing flute. It was a medly of patriotic songs and marches in celebration of Veteran's Day at a local mall. It was wonderful. God bless our veterans and our current troops.


Donna D. said...

Well, I thought my daughter was THE Princess, but I'll share the title. She looks so much like you--down to the little hoop earrings. I hope she's enjoying the band.

fourkid said...

She really likes it a lot - and the other flute players are very nice to her. I think all girls are Princesses - and I tell them every chance I get.

She does look a lot like me - but has many of my MIL's features too - especially her skin, feet, and eyes. My Princess is very calm and quiet though - I am not sure where that comes from! It must be the Lord.