Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Little Pink Dress

A very simple pattern that I managed to make quite complicated - but it is done, and loved by Grammy's Angel. (Note - the BBQ sauce was not a part of my original design. )

This is a pink striped seersucker fabric. I made it a bit too small around the chest - so added a 1 inch panel down both side seams. I flipped the vertical stripes to horizontal for that strip by using the cross grain - and have to admit that I like that little touch. The pockets have a bit of scrap vintage ribbon across the tops, but it was a great accent. The fabric was thinner than I realized at the first fitting - so I lined it, after the fact (think seam ripper!) That went better than I expected, but challenged me. Vintage Simplicity jiffy pattern #5291

Sewn with much love poured into it.

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Kathy said...

I'm well acquainted with the seam ripper. Despite all your adjustments, the dress turned out very cute. I've pulled out the ole sewing machine again and have been working on several projects. My 3 older girls love to sew. It's been great seeing them become more independent in their abilities, no longer needing me to interpret the pattern instructions. My machine just went into the shop for repair yesterday. I hope to pick it up by Friday for some weekend sewing.