Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Cow Bag

Another recent sewing project for the Princess was this shoulder bag. The Princess delights in anything "cow", and found this fabric about a year ago at Walmart. I neglected sewing it up for a long while, but finally this past June it was finished in time for Camp Meeting in GA. I also wrote up a review on it at Pattern Review. You can read it here:


IFBaptistgirl said...

Hey Patti! I just noticed you said something about campmeeting in Georgia. Did you mean Faith Baptist Camp? We were probably there together and didn't even realize it! Wow!

fourkid said...

Hi Abby! This is the first time we ever went to campmeeting - I didn't even know they existed until this past year. We loved it. Ours was at Victory Baptist in Valdosta.