Thursday, October 2, 2008

Homeschooling - Poured Out

*Sometimes people just ask the wrong question. They don't mean to. It is after all the obvious question - but it is still the wrong question. How do you teach the difficult subjects - you know, like algebra and physics? See, they are worried about subjects as if that was the hard part of home education. Well, first there are tutors and group learning and videos and so on. And then - not all students need to do all the "harder" subjects, or even any of the "harder" subjects depending on their life goals.
*But none of that is the really hard part of home education. The really hard part is that you (mom) have to give up yourself. You have to like your children (not just love them), and you have to like being with them - all the time. And then you have to take total responsibility for their education. The real question is, "Are you willing to give up all of yourself and walk a new path that has no mile markers, signposts, or rest stops ?"

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