Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Sewing Goals...

I need some accountability ~ 

I have a number of partially done projects that just need to get d-o-n-e. I have declared March the month to finish up the most glaring of these projects. In order, they are:

1. The robe portion of a Victorian  nightgown and robe set. I cut both pieces out (sigh) last year. I just finished the gown, but now have the robe about half done. I hope to finish it this week.

2. A quilted purse. I have had the pattern and fabric kit to make it for over a year. It is time. Pattern Review is having a contest to make a purse by the 15th of the month. This purse fits all the criteria - so it is second on my list to get done this month. 

3. The Princess' (gasp) Christmas dress - that is Christmas '09. I seem to have missed that deadline. It is about half done - I found the lace challenging - and it languished. It is time to get it done.

4. A black tropical weight jumper for me. I thought I had it done, but I need to do some fit adjusting. I want to make more versions of this same jumper for other seasons, so I do need to get the fit just right - and this month!

Bonus Round: Fix and finish a PJ set for one of the grandkids. 

I will post progress as I go.


1. - Done!

2. - Done!

3. - nothing  :(

4. -  almost done - I finished all but the buttons - but even though I made a mock-up first, I still managed to size it wrong. Thankfully it is too big rather than too small, but since it is wool I won't wear it until next winter now - so I will fix it in the fall. But I do plan to make the jumper up in some summer fabrics after the Princess's college wardrobe is done. 

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