Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Out With The Old; In With The New

Change and technology are challenges for me but I stumble along and do my best. Ever wonder about the simplistic style of my blog - it is a wonder I even have a blog! Much of the wonderful things I see others do on their blogs, I have not yet stumbled on how to do that, so it is left off from my little corner of blogdom. Centered pictures, a few words - that is about my limit. So - on to the phones. I have been using, for years and years, my wonderful and faithful StarTac phone (on the left above). Granted I have never been able to figure out how to get a message off from it (I warn friends don't leave me messages on the cell, they are lost forever on there!) But I can make it call friends and family when I need it. Alas, it is analog and soon doomed for oblivion with the digital changeover deadline coming up soon.

But cell-phone-man, #1 son, is looking out for him mom! For Christmas I got a new, easy to use phone (on the right above). No fancy gimicks - I could never learn them anyway. I don't text and I don't snap pictures - so that is all a waste for me. I have committed to learn how to retrieve a message on this phone, however! It is the least I can do. And since my phone is so often dead when I go to leave the house, #1 also got me the car recharger - a must for me. They all know me so well!

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