Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Well, maybe "Christmas Tree" isn't such a great title for this post - mostly this is Fluffy enjoying the warm sun and a little Christmas spirit.  Our best tree putter-upper and decorator is #3 son. He has always taken to this task with great ideas - I will forever remember one of his first - the "Toilet Paper" tree - rolls and rolls of it stuck all over the branches that he could reach (it was one of those giant packs). Not unwound or anything, just the full rolls looking like big snowflakes! I think he was only about 6 years old and I was taking too long getting the ornaments out for him, so he improvised.  Now #3 not only decorates (minus the TP), but sets up the tree and gets the ornaments out of the garage  -  And to accommodate the cat, we placed a tote in the window next to the tree with his "pillow" on top of the tote. Do we spoil our cat?

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