Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Courtship - What is That?

The Princess, and only daughter, is now in a courtship. Depending on who you ask, that can mean anything from just another word for dating, to something akin to an arranged marriage. It is an interesting topic to Google.

Here is what we did:
1.  You have to start early. This is not something you can impose on your children from the top down. They have to be on board or you only drive them away from you.

2.  As a family we watched and discussed the courtship series by SM Davis. We thought these to be the most balanced. Available Here and one chapter of the series is on You Tube as well. Courtship Video

3.  We want our children to determine their boundaries, with input from the parents. This will look different for each child and each family.

4.  The most visible courtships are the Duggar Family or the Bates family since they have a TV audience, though their parameters are not necessarily the only valid means.

This gives you a general overview of where we gleaned information. I have also looked over other teachings on the subject but they were not a good fit for our family, so I am not linking them here.

Having said all of this - how did it translate into real life? That will be my next post....

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