Friday, June 6, 2014

Courtship - Real Life Part 2

Things may have continued to progress slowly and we could have introduced our version of courting more subtlety except for one minor hitch - James had accepted a broadcasting internship at a mission work in Quebec, Canada. He was leaving right after Christmas break. It seems he did not want to leave without first being clear about his intentions to Hannah.

Shortly before break James asked Hannah if she would be is girlfriend. Hannah liked James a lot and was all in favor of a relationship - but she did hold fast to her (tenuous) commitment to courtship and told James he had to first call her dad. James' mom, Melissa, tells about this on her blog here: A Virtuous Woman (You have to scroll down about half way to get to the part about James and Hannah.)

As Melissa mentions within a week or two we drove up to Chattanooga to meet James. We felt that if we gave the parameters to Hannah that we needed to meet anyone interested in courting her, then we had to make it possible for us to meet that person. While this isn't the way we envisioned it taking place, we were committed to doing our part. So off to TN we went. James was a delight to meet. He is quite focused on his future and loves the Lord. While courtship was new to him (and I am sure a bit odd) he was respectfully willing to follow our guidance. Hannah also told us that if we felt he was not a good choice for her, she would be willing to call a halt to any relationship. We could ask for nothing more from either of them.

Permission was given to begin a courtship.

A few more details next time....

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