Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why I Like ATI and Wisdom Books

From the website

"In the ATI program, children learn along with their parents through a unit study approach to education. This approach increases the motivation of children as they are part of a “learning team,” rather than studying on their own." ... "Through the ATI approach to higher education, young people learn to solve youth and family problems and discover the purpose that God has for their lives." 

The entire Wisdom Book #4 is available for viewing here

So why do "I" like using ATI and the Wisdom Books? Because it does exactly what it said it would do - we were given the tools to solve family problems and help our children discover their individual life purposes. This is no step by step manual to put on and all your problems fall away - but through the skills we learned - and applied - we have seen the Lord alive in our home in ways that we thought were for times past, or for other, more "spiritual" people. It is a way of life - not a curriculum, but it has been worth the effort for the sake of our family. The biggest changes had to come first in my husband and myself, or we were just teaching hypocrisy - "Do as I say and not as I do." That end result would be worse than where we started. But as we were humbled and broken (and the process continues...), then we have seen the promised results in our children, not because a program worked - but because the Lord now had the freedom to work - and that has made all the difference. 

Oh, and it has sound academics too.

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