Thursday, January 8, 2009

Re-Useable Gift Bags

On Pattern Review they have several contests running for January and February - I joined all 3!!! This is one of my first entries (though I haven't yet officially reviewed it at their site - but I will soon.) It qualifies for the Stash Contest. This is all fabric I have had around for a few years. I decided to make it up into re-useable gift bags. First I googled how to make fabric gift bags. After quickly reading through the first several pages of hits, I didn't find any one bag that I really liked - but did find components that I could fit together into my own design. 

*I liked squaring the bottom of the bag - that was easy - fold out the point, measure up 2" along the seam line from the corner point, draw a line across that point, sew, and cut off the excess fabric. 

*Since this fabric was uni-directional, I made the bottom panel rather than fold the fashion fabric across the bottom. I didn't want a bottom seam. This is my panel ready to be folded right sides together and then stitch up the side seams. The red portion will fold to be the bottom.

* I did not want a drawstring top. I found a cute technique that uses either a ribbon (didn't have any on hand at the time) or a sewn tie as a closure. I really liked that look. So I made a tie from the red fabric, folded it (keeping one side about 2 inches longer) and stitched it into one of the side seams and it works great. I just knotted the ends.

*I could not stand the raw interior seams - so I lined it. This bag in the photo uses a red lining - I have since done another that uses gold. To line, I  just made another bag the same size, squared the corners, and with the right sides of the 2 bags together (one inside the other) stitched around the top edge leaving a small opening to turn it all the right way out. I then carefully pressed and top stitched the top edge. On this bag I also turned that edge in about an inch and top stitched it again. On the gold bag I just left the top as is. 

Here you can see the lining, turned in top edge, and the ties. 

These large lined bags will be used "in house", but I plan to make up others that are a bit less fancy that can go to new homes for next Christmas. 


Kathy - mom of many said...

You're the second person I've seen doing this with gift bags now. I have to start this too. I can't stand storing rolls of wrapping paper in my closet. They can get mangled, roll off my shelf and just get in the way. Thanks for voting for that woman in the sewing room contest. I know that if you win the $500 fabric it will go to good use. I love the hoodie sweat jacket you made for your daughter. Great job. I've seen the pattern review contests and am amazed by all the wonderful things people are sewing. Do you have a membership at pattern review? I only had the free trial then I didn't continue.

fourkid said...

Hi Kathy,
Wow! $500 in fabric - that would be something - and yes, I have a lot of uses for it!

Thanks for the compliment on the hoodie. The Princess loves it and it was fun to make. I have one more cut and partially sewn - I must finish it before it turns warm here again!!

I did pay for a Pattern Review membership. For me the timing was right. I think I will do a PR post soon and tell more about it.