Sunday, January 11, 2009

Amazing Graze General Store Contest

Marci over at "Down on the Farm" is having a give away - the prize is a $20 gift certificate from her store. Feel free to spread this far and wide. It is always fun when you actually know the real live person behind the blog. I first met Marci (and her wonderful family) back in the late '90's. She was just getting goats (and I had goats at the time as well) and she was also the nearest contact I had for buying whole foods in bulk - back then she lived in FL - right straight across the state from me. Now she lives in Ohio and I miss going to her house! Her blog is great, and she has an "Amazing" store. You can find her here.  (Look, I learned to do embedded links now!!!) The Friday, January 23, entry has the details for her contest. 

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