Sunday, January 1, 2012

This morning I had someone request to add a comment here for my entry called "Why I Like ATI and Wisdom Books".
It won't be posted.
For several reasons.

1. It was anonymous and only referenced a website. If you can't say who you are and you can't write what you think - well, that is just not my style, and it won't be on my blog.

2. It is possible they only wanted to "warn" me and get my attention. I know all about the site and the issues involved. I am sorry that there are people who suffer parental abuse - the Lord has warned that he will exact a horrendous punishment to be one of those people that harm a child - but Wisdom Books and ATI don't harm children - people do. And those people would be messed up no matter what curriculum choices they make. As I testified - ATI saved our family - it didn't tear it apart. So should I blame the curricula I had been using for the 10 years before we found ATI as being harmful? Definitely not - it was my own lack of biblical knowledge that was the problem.

3. This is my blog and reflects what I have lived. I won't pass on information I don't believe in.

In conclusion:
I do encourage any individual to do a lot of research before using any school program. I did. You will find positives and negatives for all methods. I would also tell them to cry out to God to find the path that he wants them to follow. And last, I would remind parents that no program can give them a desired "result". To follow a program is to ensure danger and heartache - use the program as a tool the way that God wants you to use it for your individual family. Above all teach Jesus and the Word.

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