Friday, January 15, 2010

Reclaiming Christianity by AW Tozer

Another Christmas Gift. Two of the subheadings on the cover say "Never Before Published" and "A Call to Authentic Faith".  Tozer never disappoints me. He is to the point and blunt - qualities to which I react favorably. Subtle always goes right over my head. To date I have avoided marking in my Tozer books - why? They seemed so neat and pristine - but then I can't easily find my favorite parts again. So I am going to begin marking this one and then do re-reads of the other titles I own from him and just mark away. 

My favorite quote from this volume so far is right in the introduction on page 10: "Until we have a Reformation, all of our books and our schools and our magazines are only the working of bacteria in the decaying Church."

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