Sunday, July 5, 2009

And the Winner is.....

Kathy - the mom of many (10 children to be exact). 

I was going to do a fancy photo of the drawing - but alas, the battery is dead in the camera. I was going to have one of my family chose the winner - but they are all asleep of busy farming on FaceBook.  So I just put the 6 names on paper (Tobitha had two entries) and picked a name - and it was Kathy.

Kathy - do you still have my personal address? - I need your mailing address, but don't want you to put it on a public board. My blog address is

Congratulations and thanks of all of you entering. While I had many, many hits - the homeschool curriculum was pretty specific to one group of people and I am pleased that books that helped me immensely will be loved in a new home.

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